Youth drama production at Friendstival

This August Stories at Home led a drama workshop and youth theatre production with children at the ‘Friendstival’ festival in Northamptonshire. Stories at Home facilitated the children in devising their own performance from the creation of a story, rehearsing, making costumes and a set, to the final performance. Here are some pictures.

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Celebrating Marina Jenkyns – Dramatherapist and author

Tara Thornewood - dramatherapistIt was an honour and a privilege to take “Stories at Home” to Cambridge on Saturday 5th April, having been asked by the Anglia Ruskin University to facilitate a workshop at a day to celebrate the work of the hugely influential Dramatherapist and author, Marina Jenkyns. We started our workshop with the gradual creation of our own magic bubble, which grew and grew from the tiniest of specs until it took over the whole room. This became the safe space within which we could play and create the story together.

Click on the thumbnail pics below to view images of the event

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Tara Thornewood leading a group Dramatherapy workshop

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