“[Group Dramatherapy] helped me find a reason for living” (Testimonials)

Testimonials from colleagues

  • “Tara [is] a reliable colleague and therapist who shows commitment and integrity towards her clients” Ditty Dokter, Phd. September, 2020.
  • “In our time of writing for this book (Trauma in the Creative and Embodied Therapies: When Words are Not Enough, Routledge 2020) Tara contributed fully and was entirely professional in her research and reflective processes. I have learnt immeasurably from her and found her probing and thoughtful questions very helpful over the years” – Lisa Weston, M.A.  founder of “Talking Heads” clinical supervision. September, 2020.

Evidence as quoted by people currently using

Dramatherapy with Tara Thornewood.

  • After two years of therapy “I can now go to college and  I have a job” (These were main goals at commencement of Therapy, due to low self esteem and severely impaired capacity to function socially).
  • After two years of therapy “I have not done that for ages” ( in reference to regular self harming behaviours at the time of referral, which have to date been in abeyance for over a year).
  • Commencing Therapy after a break of several years, with recently developed new needs “I found it really helpful last time”.
  • Commencing Therapy for the first time “I want to feel happy again”.
  • Commencing Group Therapy for the first time “I want to find other structures of coping, but at the moment I can’t see it”.
  • Several weeks into Therapy “It help(s) me a lot”.
  • At the beginning of Group Therapy, and experiencing severely impaired social functioning, “Sometimes I feel really scared actually to communicate with people” (This person now attends college and enjoys a healthy social and home life).
  • At the beginning of Group Therapy “I want to become more of an adult in myself” (This person is now looking forward to leaving the family home and living more independently, – a developmental achievement she found impossible to even think about eighteen months ago).
  • After two months of Therapy, via a questionnaire, the view is expressed that this person feels her Therapist always listens to her.
  • On leaving therapy recently after two years of treatment following thoughts of suicide and low mood, a fifty eight year old gentleman said “I can go out of the door happy now – thanks for what you’ve done for me – it’s all been sorted now – really appreciate it, really do”.

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