Stories at Home

Stories at Home offers group and individual therapy/supervision and workshops via Zoom, Skype and WhattsApp, and has training and experience in offering quality and effective sessions through these forums of expertise.

Regarding Covid 19, Stories at home is monitoring on a daily basis, the guidance given by the government and by various professional bodies such as the H.C.P.C. and is implementing safe working practices as guidance changes, so is up to date in responding to the pandemic in order to keep clients safe.


Even before birth we are creative creatures – we can all hear or sense music and vibrations through our Mother’s womb. The experience of creativity and the arts endures because it has a unique power to help us connect with, and make sense of our own emotional and psychological needs.

There are times in life when we need to find a way of connecting creatively with another in order to make sense of how we are experiencing life on a daily basis.

We may need to make time to share laughter with friends.

We may have experienced profound trauma from which we seek relief.

We may ask for professional support in order to reflect upon and make changes to  the impact of our daily challenges.

We may need time with a fellow experienced professional, for Clinical Supervision.


What “Stories at Home” offers is a unique experience in connecting with others, either through social engagement in Community workshops or through individual or Group Therapy, so as to make changes, either within the creative moment, or within the  significant and enduring emotional difficulties which bring us together in the first place.

I offer online Dramatherapy, Clinical Supervision and Community Storymaking sessions via video link as well as sessions at my studio space at home or other venues in Northants, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

I look forward to hearing from you either by phone (07711 889789), text, or email – storiesathome@yahoo.co.uk – to discuss your needs.

You can also ‘like’ my Facebook page, Stories at Home.

Tara Thornewood

  • M.A.(equiv), B.A.(Hons), H.C.P.C.reg.
  • Trained and experienced in offering high quality and effective sessions via video links

Bringing people and their stories together for healing and change

To contribute towards your emotional and mental well being, you can claim your free packet of incense by signing up to the Indian Arts newsletter – go to www.indianarts.co.uk, who share the same ethos as Stories at Home by promoting emotional and psychological health via their huge range of ethically sourced handcrafted Indian artefacts.

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