20140131drama masks squareWhat is Dramatherapy?

I am trained as a Dramatherapist, which is a title protected by law, and as a Profession it is one of a group of Therapies usually referred to as Arts Therapies or Arts Psychotherapies. My practice is governed by both The Health and Care Professions Council’s and The British Association of Dramatherapists’ code of practice. (Go to www.hpc-uk.org and www.badth.org).

Dramatherapy has as its main forms the intentional use of the healing aspects of drama and theatre within the therapeutic process. It is a method of working and playing which uses action to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight, and growth.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the words to express how we are feeling.

Arts Psychotherapies, such as Dramatherapy, can offer opportunities to be heard on many levels through the language of creativity.

We can learn to understand ourselves more as we are listened to and are helped to find meaning within our difficulties.

How do you know if Dramatherapy is for you?

  • You may be an adult or child.
  • You may wish to experience Therapy either individually or as part of a group.
  • You may find day to day life difficult, emotionally and psychologically.
  • You may find spoken language difficult.
  • You may have mental health needs.
  • You may wish to explore themes around loss.
  • You may wish to find personal resolution within relationships which are in conflict.
  • You may have a Learning Disability.
  • You may wish to develop self confidence and self esteem.

What happens in a Dramatherapy session?

A calming, inviting, safe and therapeutic space will be offered, using materials with creative potential, in order to provide an opportunity for your needs to be heard in the immediate moment. You will be listened to on many levels as stories are shared through the language of creativity.

I work with people who have or are experiencing self harm / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Depression / Addictions / Identity problems / Bereavment / Stress / Abuse / Suicidal Ideations / Eating Disorders / Anxiety / Trauma / Relationship difficulties / Learning Disabilities / Autism.

I look forward to hearing from you either by phone (07711 889789), text, or email – storiesathome@yahoo.co.uk – to discuss your needs. Click here if you would like to view my fees.

You can also ‘like’ my Facebook page, Stories at Home.

Tara Thornewood, M.A.(equiv), B.A.(Hons), H.C.P.C.reg.

Bringing people and their stories together for healing and change

To contribute towards your emotional and mental well being, you can claim your free packet of incense by signing up to the Indian Arts newsletter – go to www.indianarts.co.uk, who share the same ethos as Stories at Home by promoting emotional and psychological health via their huge range of ethically sourced handcrafted Indian artefacts.

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