Free incense

In the short term, to contribute towards your emotional and mental well being, you can claim your free packet of incense by signing up to the Indian Arts newsletter – go to, who share the same ethos as Stories at Home by promoting emotional and psychological health via their huge range of ethically sourced handcrafted Indian artefacts.

Youth drama production at Friendstival

This August Stories at Home led a drama workshop and youth theatre production with children at the ‘Friendstival’ festival in Northamptonshire. Stories at Home facilitated the children in devising their own performance from the creation of a story, rehearsing, making costumes and a set, to the final performance. Here are some pictures.

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New Testimonial

On leaving therapy recently after two years of treatment following thoughts of suicide and low mood, a fifty eight year old gentleman said “I can go out of the door happy now – thanks for what you’ve done for me – it’s all been sorted now – really appreciate it, really do”.

This and other testimonals can be viewed under “[Group Dramatherapy] helped me find a reason for living” (Testimonials)

Sunday Times: ‘Mental health failings cost £3bn’

Recent research shows how a lack of investment in mental health provision costs society billions on top of the imeasurable human consequences for sufferers and their families. According to a report in today’s Sunday Times researchers a found that “Allowing patients to reach crisis point ends up piling pressure on the health service, the police and other public services, drives up the benefits bill and causes untold misery to the sufferers.” The Sunday Times report can be found here: Mental health failings cost £3bn | The Sunday Times

Psychotherapy in the Milton Keynes area

Tara Thornewood leading a group Dramatherapy workshop

Tara Thornewood leading a group Dramatherapy workshop

Are you looking for Psychotherapy in the Milton Keynes area, yet are not sure if a Talking Therapy is for you ? “Stories at Home” offers non verbal Psychotherapy in the form of Dramatherapy. I work with people who have or are experiencing self harm / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Depression / Addictions / Identity problems / Bereavment / Stress / Abuse / Suicidal Ideations / Eating Disorders / Anxiety / Trauma / Relationship difficulties / Learning Disabilities / Autism.